Kall Kwik Rally
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Come and witness the experience of a lifetime, as Zone events bring out the best of moments.


With qualified and professional racers from across the world, one need not ponder more about this mouth-watering gateway.


As excrement hits the roof, we never forget aspects like safety, as they make a difference for your satisfaction.

Route For Kall Kwik Forest Rally

Get in on this opportunity to explore the thrill and the feel of adrenaline pumping through your hearts like never before.

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World Rally Championship Standards

We never make compromises when it comes to following standards and acknowledging what’s best for the business.

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World Rally

With spectators and professional racers, this event is going to blow your mind away.

Regional Rallies

The race takes its course when unique moments spread around the corner and different tracks come into the picture.

Cross Country Rallies

Since we are looking for ways to increase the level of excitement, the Cross Country Rallies are here to promise you on the same.

Top Placings & Class Awards

With top honours and recognition, this is one event that you should never miss out on.

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From Our Blog

Facts About Race Cars That Will Blow Your Mind

Most people only know that race car is all about fast racing without any limits to the physics which can come out barrelling down. Until and unless you are a hardcore fan, you might not have heard about these race car facts.


A Formula One car’s exhaust gets hot enough to melt aluminium

This is one of the best well-known facts as the exhaust can easily reach up to 1000 degree celsius, and aluminium starts to melt at only 660 degrees. This is one of the main reason the car is is made of exotic material which can easily cost about an average road car.


Manholes can easily cause a wreck

This is one of the main reason the manholes are covered in Monaco as when the Formula one car is reaching high speeds they produce a lot of vacuum underneath it which can easily suck up the ground. This is one of the reasons Monaco has welded all the manhole prior to the race.


An average formula1 pit stop is less than three seconds

This is one of fact that is very challenging as you can easily see that within three seconds the driver has already parked the car and got all jacked up as more than two dozen people are working on the tires. The car in seconds took off and was running again.

Most of the race cars can drive upside down

The amount of the force that is created when you are on an open-wheel race car the energy produced the varying degree depending on the league they are in, The excess of the car weights can reach to the limit which can easily allow it to drive itself upside down.


The best fuel car hit up to 300 mp in just three second

This is one of the most awesome facts that you will ever hear about racing cars as it takes on 3.05 seconds for the car to reach off the limit when it comes to racing.

The fuel consumption

To get the right idea, one needs to have 65-80 gallons of fuel to work in just about a minute. It also takes about showers to full blast simultaneously, which can make sure that you work your car well.


The acceleration which is required

The number mentioned here can be hard to believe, but one has to accelerate for over 10,000 hp for the right kind of mind-boggling effect to reach up to the speeds that it works at which is very difficult on the regular floor.


The money spend for each year

The Formula One racing teams spend about $500,000,000 each year which five-time what the NFL teams spend for themselves.